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Is there any success strategy for “the dominant”?

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Goal-oriented, usually having strategy to fulfill their tasks effectively… Too much workload is rarely a problem for them.

 They initiate change, as they associate change with new possibilities. They enjoy taking on new challenges because they have more to offer than anyone would even dare to think of… Bold, dealing well with confrontation, decisive, they usually don’t need external motivators. Yes, thanks to them others have a chance to achieve goals quickly…

Have we, by any chance, just described you? (We are talking about the D style – dominant in the DISC model). If you dedicate 3 minutes of your time (and that is how long reading this post will most likely take), you will hear success strategy suited to you, something specific and honest about yourself… something that will help you achieve your goals even faster; you will get a powerful tool that will make you even more effective in your job. So, what do you think?

You have a very STRONG PERSONALITY and everything you say and do has great power. POSITIVE POWER – if you appreciate someone, help find a solution – people around you feel a kind of a power surge. However, are you aware of the fact that your NEGATIVE message – your words or even a glance – is equally powerful? Others might feel that what they are saying or doing does not make any sense, that it is ridiculous, wrong, too slow, that they do not understand, that there is no time to focus on emotions, that what really counts are the results…). I am telling you that, because I know you mean well, you want to help because you are responsible, because you focus on specific solutions, because the results are what counts most… What strategy can I offer? Tell others WHO you are, what is important to you, how you communicate and what you expect of communication. Keep your power in mind; do make the best of it, however, at the same time, make sure not to abuse it (people might have different sensitivity levels, but what they will remember is how they feel while working with you – that is going to have a significant impact on their effectiveness).

You work FASTER than 85% of your employees (I have research to back this claim). Keep in mind that others find it difficult to keep up with you – including the way you speak, think and what you do. There is no denying that you value your time and you want hard facts. And when others try to explain to you what they have in mind, they can frequently notice your impatience. It really intimidates them! And again, as a D (dominant) style representative myself, I know that you do not want to make anyone’s life harder but instead you just want to develop the company, your team and yourself, right? Take into account that they also mean well but they are very often different than you are (not better or worse, just different). They may need more time to explain what they have in mind, they are likely to choose different arguments in a discussion, they might focus more on people, on subsequent stages of a process, perhaps they need to share their fears….And that is also okay… What strategy could I suggest you? Get to know them in order to understand them and find a strategy for an effective cooperation.

You are able to handle multiple tasks at the same time and you are aware of the importance of time. But I want to tell you how that might sometimes be perceived by others. When you say you are listening to someone and simultaneously check your e-mails, look at the clock or pack your things… you will not hear them, as people communicate not only with words; Nonverbal communication also conveys certain messages…you will not hear them because they can see your impatience and it is hard for them to focus on what they want to say. They sometimes do not feel that it is of any importance to you; they feel that you have your own task, maybe you will stop for a while and tell them what they should do… It is particularly challenging when they want to communicate something which is really important to them. Next time, when asking them for a conversation, you want them to show their point of view, to initiate something, because you know that it is good and enriching. They might not be this brave…paradoxically, they do not want to let you down.

You see possibilities IN CHANGE. It is not difficult for you to test new solutions and for that reason you can change your mind – and it is OK, but believe me that when you change your mind and you come to work early morning with a new idea, many people might not understand that, get confused about what gets priority and what issue they should focus on. You might find making changes easy, but most people need time to do that. What strategy can I suggest? Help them adapt to change.. Lots of people need an answer to the question WHY they should do something, why this change will be introduced, when that will happen and what the consequences of the change are. Why don’t they just ask about it? As I have mentioned, there are moments when they feel your power “inside” them and they simply do not want to confront you. Sometimes, they do not want to ask too many questions in order to avoid annoying you, and sometimes they do not want to let you down (because perhaps some issues should be obvious). I know that my explanation might not be that inspiring to you, but I can assure you that if you invest your time and energy, you will get to work with the most loyal supporters of change. Isn’t that your goal?

You see, we started with the POWER you have within you and we will end with it. This POWER is your great potential. Share this “ability” with others by managing them in a way that will not drag them down (even unintentionally!), but in a way which will make them feel empowered! I have checked this strategy myself. It does work! Will you try it?

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