The D personality style – Dominant

General description: Self-confident, decision-making, focused on the implementation of multitasking, fond of challenge and confrontation, appreciative change, impatient etc.

Greatest fear: Being deployed; loss of control over the situation

Motivated by: New challenges and opportunities, independence

Value for the team:

  • Natural leader
  • Set goals and meets objectives in innovative ways
  • Independent
  • Goal-oriented
  • Concrete and direct
  • Offers advice and directs the team towards specific decisions
  • Generally optimistic
  • Enjoys risk and challenges
  • Is able to deal with multiple projects at the same time
  • Functions well with heavy workloads
When Communicating with a D-Style Personality:

  • Be brief, direct and to the point.
  • Do not ramble, do not repeat yourself
  • Ask “what”, not “how” questions
  • Focus on action, remember that end results is what counts most to him or her
  • Suggest ways for him or her to achieve results, do not focus on problem analysis
  • Highlight logical benefits of the ideas that you are proposing
  • When you agree with something, agree with the facts and ideas and not with the person
  • Don’t be too sociable nor too talkative
  • When you make a statements, have the hard facts backing your thesis ready
  • Don’t make generalisations
Personal Growth Areas for D’s:

  • Strive to be an “active” listener
  • Take ideas of other members of the team into account
  • Try to appreciate the opinions, feelings, and desires of others
  • Focus on developing and building relationships with others
  • Take time to explain the “whys” of your statements and proposals
  • Be more open and less confrontational
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