DISC assessment

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A tool which analyses the communication style, level of decisiveness, level of analytical thinking, independence, reaction to change, resistance to stress, ability to organise work, values for the team.


DISC assessment

People are the key to everything. The right employees on the right positions is what separates success from failure. Understanding human behaviour is the key to hiring the best employees and later to managing them in a way which would motivate them to work and help them understand the role they play in the team and the objective they are to meet.

DISC assessment is an online tool which evaluates the communication skills, organisational skills, roles played in the team, leadership skills and natural predispositions.

What does DISC assessment determine and measure?

  • What are the strengths of the employee / candidate and what motivates him or her to achieve even better results ?
  • How will he or she cope in difficult, crisis situations?
  • How does he or she perceive change – as a chance or an obstacle? How quickly will he or she adapt to change?
  • What attitude does he or she adopt towards existing standards and procedures?
  • How does he or she try to influence other people’s behaviour and convince them?
  • How does he or she choose arguments during a conversation?

DISC assessment is an effective tool if you want to:

  • Hire the right person for a specific post at first attempt or retain the best employees
  • Increase efficiency of the sales and customer service team
  • Quickly and effectively implement changes in the team/ company
  • Resolve a conflict in a team
  • Develop leadership skills, etc.



Available language versions: Polish, Engilsh and others – ask us

Recommended uses: recruitment, team building, leadership

Duration: approx. 10 min.

Short feedback session (20 min) included.

One-click assessment portal – online access to the assessment


Within 24 hours after the purchase you will receive an email with instructions and a link to complete the assessment online. The person completing the assessment can save the final report in the form of a PDF file.

If you wish to purchase a greater number of assessments, contact us to discuss the details.

The assessment will be carried out via the PeopleKeys website and taking the assessment is associated with the entering of personal data into the PeopleKeys system; the rules of handling data within that system are regulated by the PeopleKeys privacy policy which can be found here.


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