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We are an authorised distributor of PeopleKeys®, a company which has been present on the global market for many years, successfully providing major international corporations, academic institutions and non-profit organisations with effective tools in the area of ​​recruitment, employee development and improving efficiency of teams. PeopleKeys® solutions help reduce costs associated with recruitment, employee turnover and training of teams.

We specialise in the strategic use of competency tests, recruitment tests based on the DISC/TEAMS/VALUES and BAI methodology, effective online tools, invaluable in situations when you want to:

  • Hire the right person for a specific post at first attempt or retain the best employees
  • Increase efficiency of the sales and customer service team
  • Quickly and effectively implement changes in the team/ company
  • Resolve a conflict in a team
  • Develop leadership skills etc.

We provide solutions for companies, organisations operating both on the Polish market and international markets, and have at our disposal tools in approximately 20 languages.

We define needs, develop solutions, implement them into the organisation model and evaluate results.

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DISC is a set of 4 styles of behaviour developed on the basis of studies carried out by an American psychologist, Dr. William Marston (1893-1947). When he analysed human behaviour in a particular environment and in specific situations he noticed that people representing similar styles usually behave in very similar ways. Interestingly, each of us has these four styles of behaviour inside, but in varying degrees of intensity; DISC is an abbreviation the names of the individual styles: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, Compliant.

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