The I personality style –  Influential

General description: People-oriented talkative, cheerful, creative, emotional, supportive, disorganised etc.

Greatest fear: Being rejected by others

Motivated by: Social acceptance, prestige, recognition, other people’s trust

Value for the team:

  • Creative problem solver
  • Great encourager of others
  • Negotiates conflict and is the peacemaker
  • Responds well to new situations
  • Creates a positive atmosphere
  • Can manage people, a good leader
  • Works well with others, accepts other people
  • Can express his or her views
  • Convincing
  • Has a positive attitude and a sense of humour
  • Carries out objectives through people
  • Great at brainstorming
When Communicating with a I-Style Personality:

  • Build a favourable and friendly environment
  • Give them opportunity to verbalise about their ideas – do not ignore their ideas or accomplishments
  • Help translate words into action
  • Submit details in writing
  • Encourage them to carry out tasks
  • Offer the possibility to speak their mind
  • Don’t tell them what to do
Personal Growth Areas for I’s:

  • Weigh the pros and cons before making decisions, try to be less impulsive
  • Be more results-oriented
  • Exercise control over your actions, words, and emotions
  • Focus more on details, facts and task performance
  • Slow down your pace for other team members
  • Talk less and listen more
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