DISC D3 assessment: Develop your employees’ potential

People differ, but in a predictable way. DISC D3 are recruitment assessments that will help you match a candidate to your company’s culture. DISC D3 is also a competencies assessment that provides precise information on the unique value that an employee brings to the team, what role in a team they prefer and what you should focus on to develop their potential (management style, benefits, scope of trainings, etc.)

DISC D3 surveys – ensure a high engagement level of your employees

The greater the employee engagement, the greater the financial results of the organization. Engagement is not the same as job satisfaction or dedication to the company It is an incentive that makes an employee want to, unasked, give the company the very best they can offer and take personal responsibility for the tasks and the quality of cooperation.

DISC D3 provides precise information which is important in recruitment (predicting the effectiveness of candidates in a given organization culture),in ensuring good communication(diagnosis of preferred communication styles and sources of potential misunderstandings) and in the development of leadership skills (strategy of cooperation with employees who have different communication styles, knowing what motivates them, what support they need to stay engaged), among others.

DISC v. DISC D3 – what is the difference?

We can compare it to an iceberg: the DISC D3 assessment examines not only the behaviorswhich can be observed with the naked eye, such as the preferred communication style or proactive/reactive attitude, but also what is below the water level, what does not meet the eye and yet impacts our behavior (TEAMS roles, VALUES and internal motivations, BAI).

The assessments layers answer the following questions:


How do I communicate? How do I act? How do I respond to the environment?


What are my strengths?


Why do I act this way? Why do I make such decisions?


Why do I expect this and that? Which direction am I headed?

Thanks to the DISC D3 survey, we know why two people with a very similar or even identical DISC profile make different decisions, what else impacts their long-term engagement, why they have a different style of leading a team or level of effectiveness in sales, etc.

See in what areas DISC is enough and where a broader scope would be beneficial.

Diagnosis of the communication style
Diagnosis of the sales and customer service style
Diagnosis of the preferred team roles
Diagnosis of values and attitudes
Behavior motivations
Use in recruitment
Communicating changes
Development of leadership skills
Planned career paths
Indicated sources of engagement decline
Diagnosis of the conflict source
Talent development

In EFFECTIVENESS, you can order both DISC and DISC D3 assessments.

We will choose the appropriate survey by taking into consideration your needs and the diagnosis objective.

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