Soft skills training and DISC D3 Certification help establish optimal collaboration with every employee.

By participating in our soft skills training, you will experience how personality differences manifest in daily collaboration and learn to use this information for personal and team development. By participating in the DISC D3 certification process, you will additionally gain the skill of working with the psychometric tool and using it in various processes: from the recruitment up to managerial development.

Soft skills training and DISC D3 Certification is the key to understanding employees behaviors and attitudes in your company.

Are you wondering how to recruit new employees so that their engagement does not decline after a few months of cooperation? Are you looking for ideas how to make each team member take responsibility for the common goal?

DISC certification

By participating in the DISC D3 certification, you will learn how to work with the DISC D3 model and interpret the results in the context of your organization's needs and challenges.

Training for managers

The Leader’s Everest – competencies training which takes into account your personality profile Training for leaders and managers who want to develop their practical management skills, communicate more effectively with different personalities in the team, motivate employees effectively, and resolve conflicts more quickly.

Training for teams

Power of differences in a team – higher quality of communication, taking personality differences into consideration Training for teams looking to improve communication, learn to take responsibility for common goals, react constructively to challenges, and effectively execute even the most complex team projects.

DISC D3 certification: Understanding the behavior model from the very basics

Take part in the certification process if you want to know:

Grupa utalentowanych pracowników

Training for managers “The Leader’s Everest” - skill development which takes into consideration personality differences

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Training for teams “Power of differences in a team”, or improving the cooperation, while taking into account personality differences

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DISC D3 surveys are not only a scientific behavior model and a psychometric tool intended for use in any HR process, but also a philosophy of cooperation and an approach to human beings.

Our management team appreciated the sensitivity of the DISC D3 tool in diagnosing the potential of individuals and the whole team. We are different, hence acceptance, understanding of this diversity is important for the team to work effectively and achieve a common goal.

Agnieszka Warchoł

HR Manager

BWI Poland Technologies Sp. z o.o.

We use the EFFECTIVENESS tools in our recruitment processes, projects aimed at talent development and career path selection, development of leadership competences and enhancing the quality of teamwork. What we particularly appreciate about our relationship with EFFECTIVENESS is that it is not limited to the purchase of a product or the certification training received. This cooperation is a valuable exchange of knowledge, experience with a great understanding of the client’s needs and business processes.

Agnieszka Krzemień

Right Management Leader

Jolanta Jastrzębska

Career&Talent Development Consultant


With EFFECTIVENESS, we carried out a collaboration on the use of DISC D3 competence tests in internal communication and recruitment. I use the knowledge from the DISC D3 survey as a starting point for preparing a strategy with tangible results for the whole company. The professional support at every stage of cooperation, including openness and attentiveness to the client’s needs, deserves recognition.

Robert Wójcik

Branch Managing Director

Bawaria Motors

EFFECTIVENESS carried out a 360 Indicator diagnosis for us in conjunction with the DISC D3 competence survey. The results of the research project have helped us to define what our strengths already are, what values guide us, and in which direction we want to develop. And, in addition, they have become the starting point for carrying out further activities for the development of leadership competences and even better teamwork. I appreciate the EFFECTIVENESS team for their promptness, attentiveness to our needs and flexibility in their approach to achieving their objectives.

Magdalena Domagała

Director of Human Resources

Jungheinrich Polska

EFFECTIVENESS carried out DISC certification for our HR department and is the provider of this tool for diagnosing competences in our organisation. Working with a model helps us to better understand ourselves and those we work with, to communicate in a way that respects each other’s needs. In addition, the DISC analysis helps to define the strengths of individual employees, the values they bring to the team and what support each of us needs from others to become a stronger team.

Marzena Borek

Head of the Staff and Organisational Development Offices

TAURON Obsługa Klienta

The sensitivity of the tool and the practicality of its application in everyday collaboration was experienced by our HR team during the DISC D3 certification and subsequently by other teams in the company, whom we invited to participate in the ‘Power of Differences in Teams’ project. We would like to thank the EFFECTIVENESS team for their promptness and flexibility at every stage of the collaboration.

Katarzyna Bucka

Head of HR&Recruitment w j-labs

j-labs Sp. Z o.o

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Soft skills are a set of social, communication, personal, emotional, and leadership skills that are crucial for effective functioning in the professional environment. Soft skills help communicate smoothly in any situation, whether it’s during daily conversations or complex business negotiations. They strengthen trust and loyalty within teams, enabling faster adaptation to changing business challenges. A team leader with strong soft skills becomes a guide and mentor, rather than just a supervisor performing tasks. In today’s world, soft skills are essential for building strong, engaged, and agile teams, and they also help in everyday life, such as better coping with stress and emotions.

Our soft skills training offer includes two types of training, each designed for a different role within the company. “Everest Leader” managerial training is intended for managers, management staff, team leaders, project managers, and all individuals in leadership positions who are responsible for team building, and where the ability to manage effectively is crucial to their work. On the other hand, the ‘Power of differences in a team’ training is aimed at team members and their leaders/managers, specialists from all departments, who want to collaborate more effectively, strengthen their communication skills, and leverage their strengths to achieve common goals.

Regardless of whether you want to order training for managers or training for teams, please fill out the contact form, informing us in the message content which soft skills training you would like to order.

Yes, soft skills training helps improve conflict resolution skills. Soft skills training also teaches how to recognize and manage one’s own emotional reactions and how to build and maintain positive relationships in any workplace. As a result, managers and employees are better prepared to reach agreements, minimizing the negative impact of conflicts on the work environment. If conflicts frequently arise in your team, investing in soft skills training for your employees can be a crucial step towards better understanding each other, communicating more effectively, and effectively dealing with differences. Our soft skills training also strengthens other interpersonal skills and soft competencies that are crucial in conflict resolution.

We will be happy to provide you with the exact price of the soft skills training after learning about the business needs, number of participants, and the location of the training. To find out the cost of the training, please fill out the contact form. We will contact you within 24 hours, often much sooner.