DISC D3 trainings and certification help to respond to the biggest challenges in the work place

By participating in our trainings, you will experience how the personality differences manifest in the day-to-day cooperation and will learn to use this information for personal and team development. By participating in the DISC D3 certification process, you will additionally gain the skill of working with the psychometric tool and using it in various processes: from the recruitment up to managerial development.

DISC D3 trainings and certification are the key to understanding the behaviors and attitudes in your organization

Are you wondering how to recruit new employees so that their engagement does not decline after a few months of cooperation? Are you looking for ideas how to make each team member take responsibility for the common goal?
? Soft (power) skills can be diagnosed and measured; it is worth learning because it gives you the key to understand human behaviors, motivations, and attitudes.

Grafika symoblizująca zespół pracujący razem, z liderem na czele.

DISC D3 certification
- understanding the behavior model from the very basics

The DISC D3 certification is a way to gain the skills and be able to use the DISC model independently, as well as the key to implementing information on personality differences in all HR processes to build a strong business.

Take part in the certification process if you want to know:

how to increase employees' dedication to the company

how to hire the right person the first time around

why people leave

how to develop leaders

where conflicts in a team arise from

how to improve engagement and cooperation

how to plan the development of each employee

Training for managers “The Leader’s Everest”
- skill development which takes into consideration personality differences

Order training for managers “The Leader’s Everest,” if:

you want to learn what your biggest strength is and what you can build your effectiveness on

you want to identify areas for growth and develop a skill development plan

you are looking for the key to communicate with people whose personalities differ and for the knowledge on how to motivate different people in your team and solve misunderstandings

you expect good practices, recommendations on concrete behaviors, suited to your personality

you want to receive tools to work with your team

Grafika przedstawiająca zespół współpracujący przy uzupełnianiu brakujących części do układanki, co symbolizuje praktyczne umiejętności rozwiązywania problemów.

Training for teams “Power of differences in a team”
– or improving the cooperation, while taking into account personality differences

Order the training for teams if you want to:

support co-workers in taking responsibility for the common goal and

want your team to learn to respond to difficulties constructively

support the manager in understanding the perspectives of the employees, and support the employees in understanding the perspective of the boss

improve the quality of communication in the team

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