The Leader’s Everest training for managers – competencies training which takes into account your personality profile

Both people and organizations differ and that is why there is no single effective management and cooperation strategy. The key to managerial effectiveness is the awareness of one’s managerial style – both the strengths the limitations – and learning to have a positive influence on others. Our training consists in working on individual managerial competencies, while taking your personality profile into account, so that you can grow by using your best resources without falling back into old patterns.

The Leader’s Everest training provides better understanding of employees’ behaviors and motivations

Has an employee ever left your company despite claiming loyalty and commitment? Are you getting tired of conflicts in your team or low motivation to work and wondering how to evoke commitment and the right attitude? Or maybe your team is expanding and you do not have as much time to get to know the employees, their motivations and needs, and you are searching for a solution on how to work with different personalities and develop individual co-workers?

The managerial Leader’s Everest training helps to understand various personalities, while giving an answer to questions why do people do what they do, say what they say or make certain decisions. Working with personality profiles helps to define what kind of support or cooperation style each person needs from their manager (which usually differs from the manager’s), in order to maintain a high level of engagement, how to foresee misunderstandings and respond to them constructively.

Why should you order the managerial training?

Getting to know your leadership profile:

greater awareness of your strengths and weaknesses in the context of managerial competencies, including delegating, support, ensuring compliance with standards, competencies development etc.

understanding how others can perceive you and why

developing an action plan to develop competencies

Working on strengthening effectiveness in 8 areas of a successful manager, including:


providing support

ensuring compliance with standards


A strategy fitting the personality profile of the manager

communicating with employees is important but we focus on how a manager with a specific DISC profile may naturally communicates with their employees, what their strong suits and limitations are, what they should pay attention to while interacting with people with different DISC styles;

managers are supposed to delegate, but we focus on what elements of delegation they will find easy (considering the DISC D3 profile) and what will constitute a challenge and how to overcome it, etc.

the manager has to give feedback but what we focus on is how often, in what form should it be done while taking your behavioral profile and an individual employee’s profile into consideration.

Tools and materials to use after the training:

the DISC D3 Model

Team analysis

Identification of key behaviors (starting point for recruitment and employee competencies development)

Reacting to difficult behaviors

Team meeting scripts

You don't know what DISC D3 is?

Why do some people take the initiative and others act reactively, why do some of us focus on possibilities and others on problems? Why are you getting on with some like a house on fire and working with others is a real challenge? Are employees’ behaviors measurable and can they be predicted?

You’re wondering whether the Leader’s Everest training is for you?

The Leader’s Everest training is the right choice for you, if:

You want to deepen your awareness on the competencies that have led you where you are now and how you can develop your leadership potential

You want to learn to cooperate with people with various personalities

You are scratching your head over how to motivate employees (it’s not always about the money!)

You want to know how to effectively resolve and prevent conflicts in the team

The Leader’s Everest training is not for you, if:

You do not want to change anything in your managerial style

You only want to be a manager of tasks and processes and not a team leader

You want to lose time and money on working with the wrong people

When it comes to managing, you are planning to rely only on intuition, not facts

The Leader’s Everest. On values, strong team and effective leadership.

In the book you will find the answer to questions such as:

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DISC D3 surveys are not only a scientific behavior model and a psychometric tool intended for use in any HR process, but also a philosophy of cooperation and an approach to human beings.

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