360 Indicator - verificationof management skills and leadership attitude

The 360 Indicator diagnoses the mangers’ effectiveness, their strengths, and weaknesses. The anonymous diagnoses verifies competencies which are key for the development of the organization and provides tips on the direction of manager development.

360 Indicator – define the profile of a leader who will lead the team to success

360 Indicator verifies management skills and leadership attitudes. The anonymous diagnosis tells us:

to what extent the leaders fulfil their role and support the team

what impact leaders have on their teams

how much the leader’s self-assessment on their effectiveness is similar to how the environment sees them

how to design activities that develop the leader and take into account the business goals

What makes our 360 Indicator stand out on the market?

Diagnosis, not judgement

The 360 Indicator questionnaire and reports are prepared in a way which emphasizes a person’s strengths and then the areas which should be taken into account in order to develop their natural potential in cooperation with others and achieve faster personal and organization goals.

A slider scale

The unique slider scale (and not, for example, a scale of 1 to 5) reflects the opinion on the given trait of the given employee, all without judgement.

Presentation of behaviors and a strategy for success

The 360 Indicator reports are not only a presentation of answers in particular areas of behavior, but they also constitute the strategy for success – a space to elaborate an action plan for the development of specific competencies.

Ready-made questionnaires to diagnose competencies

The questionnaires regard the leader attitude (the team/product/service leader), the management skills.

Provides an answer to not only the question of “how” but also “why”

Our questionnaires take into consideration the aspects of employee’s behaviors, values and motivations which are also diagnosed by the DISC D3 competencies assessment. We analyze the employee’s competencies on the basis of the two surveys.

360 Indicator covers different areas of management effectiveness and a leadership attitude. We add open questions for comments. When we know your exact needs, we recommend the most adequate survey.

360 Indicator

Diagnosed areas

Diagnosed areas

The 360 Indicator and DISC D3: not only what the situation is but also why.

Learning what people who work with a leader think about them is one thing, it is also worth knowing the reasons.

This is why the 360 Indicator is supported by the DISC D3 assessment. Consequently, we can diagnose not only how the manager is viewed by others but also why it is that way, and what they can do to better utilize their resources (becoming more aware of both their strengths and limitations).

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