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We specialize in diagnosing soft skills on the basis of the DISC model. The information that we get from the DISC D3 survey support HR departments and leaders in building a strong business from the recruitment process all the way through to the skill development. We provide trainings and consultancy services related to ongoing challenges and organizational goals as well as prepare our Clients for using the DISC D3 surveys and 360 Indicator on their own.

Our values


We have validation studies conducted on Polish and international subjects that confirm the validity of DISC and DISC D3 competencies assessments, so you can be sure that our information is reliable.


As business practitioners, we understand very well the challenges faced by the Client as well as nuances related to team work, variety in leadership styles and relationships between hierarchy levels.


We share knowledge about the competence assessments We prepare materials on good practices of using competencies assessments and 360 Indicator in different HR processes as well as their practical applications.

Dynamics of Team Engagement

Dynamics of Team Engagement is a guide through the DISC D3 behavior model. It helps to understand the crux of personality differences and in which areas of organization operations it is simply not profitable to skip this aspect of working with people.
You will learn how to work in the DISC D3 spirit and when to use this tool so that it supports the aim, which is working in an environment where we do not have to fight for engagement but support the things that ensure a high engagement level in each team member, no matter their role.

It is also a compendium of knowledge about:

Our team

Anna Sarnacka-Smith

Master Certified DISC D3 Behavioral Consultant

[I am the founder of the EFFECTIVENESS company, an HR consultant, a business trainer, and a Master DISC D3 Consultant. The main tool I use while pursuing my professional goal is DISC D3 competencies survey, which I have introduced to the Polish market . I myself have experienced the strength of this tool in becoming a team leader, comprehending why I and some people understand one another without words, while cooperation with others carries a lot of tension. I talk about this during consultations, monitoring sessions or trainings for managers, teams, HR departments, Agile coaches, etc.]

Małgorzata Adamczyk

HR Consultant, Certified DISC D3 Consultant, trainer, coach

Certified coach and business trainer, DISC D3 consultant, psycho and sociotherapist, master’s degree in economics. An entrepreneur in the education industry for 12 years, leading teams of teachers and education workers. With her experience as a leader and manager and her talent for finding other people’s strengths, at EFFECTIVENESS she supports clients in understanding the benefits of personality differences and how to turn them into achieving the organization’s goals while satisfying the personal motivations of people in the team. Selected clients: GOPR, Żywiec City Hall, Fischer Automotive, Recevent, Szkoła Jazdy Gazelka, Dobry English, Boeing

Marta Chojnacka

Communication Manager

I am the Communication Manager at EFFECTIVENESS and my area of work includes the broadly understood marketing communication and public relations. My task is to make sure that information on the DISC D3 competencies surveys reaches as many recipients as possible. I am convinced that this tool is successful in discovering the potential of leaders and the skills of team members which they really need to achieve their goals.
Perseverance in reaching goals and openness to new business contacts allow me to, apart from conducing communication activities, support the team in tender processes. I am co-responsible for the final shape of the proposal made to present and future Clients.

Julia Góra

Senior Project Leader

I am a Senior Project Leader and deal with the development and support of DISC D3 consultants through digital marketing.
My high C level (Compliant style in DISC model) helps me ensure the highest quality of our services.

Zuzanna Mazurek

Certified Senior DISC D3 Behavioral Consultant

I am a PCC ICF coach, a trainer, and a communication expert. For several years I have been supporting managers and members of company boards in increasing the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and entire organizations. For over ten years, I have worked in the public relations sector: in one of the leading PR agencies and in an international corporation. I was responsible for implementing the communication strategy, CSR and crisis communication. I managed both national and international projects. I am glad when, thanks to the D3 diagnosis and the 360 indicator assessment, Clients become more efficient leaders and managers, and teams work more efficiently and achieve the intended results with less effort.

Anna Rybak

HR Consultant, DISC D3 Consultant, Trainer

Certified DISC D3 Consultant, business trainer I specialize in projects aimed at improving the quality of teamwork. I support teams, their leaders and certified DISC D3 consultants in the interpretation of their competencies survey results and implementing the information collected with DISC D3 in different HR processes. In EFFECTIVENESS, I am also responsible for the Account Management process, I examine our Clients’ needs on an everyday basis and educate them about good practices of using competencies assessments.

Anna Rydlewska - Chabros

Account Manager

Myśląca analitycznie Perfekcjonistka z ogromną chęcią zdobywania wiedzy – to ja, Ania. Dzięki badaniu DISC D3 mogę moje atuty świadomie wykorzystywać w pracy zawodowej i to właśnie za ich sprawą zasiliłam Zespół EFFECTIVENESS. Mój wewnętrzny Analityk sprawia, że mam łatwość w poruszaniu się w procesach i ich usprawnianiu. Jestem dokładna i sumienna, co powoduje, że obsługiwane przeze mnie projekty mają najwyższe standardy. Odpowiadam za proces zamawiania i realizacji badań kompetencji, tworzenie raportów i organizację szkoleń, w tym certyfikacji DISC D3. Moje zamiłowanie do języków obcych pozwala na obsługę klientów zarówno polskich, jak i zagranicznych oraz wsparcie Zespołu w przygotowaniu dokumentów w języku angielskim.

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DISC D3 surveys are not only a scientific behavior model and a psychometric tool intended for use in any HR process, but also a philosophy of cooperation and an approach to human beings.

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