Assessments and competencies surveys, which can help you plan every HR process.

Our assessments and surveys are tools for measuring soft skills. They provide crucial information for business development in the context of a given employee (strengths in a given role, areas for growth and sources of motivation), team (what the team’s strengths are but also where misunderstandings can stem from) and company (which personality profile will fit into the organization culture, how to communicate changes and decisions to a given employee group).

DISC D3 assessments – understanding differences in personalities, which supports building of a strong business.

DISC D3 assessments are a scientific behavioral model, which supports management in all key HR processes: from the recruitment and employee onboarding, through the division of roles in a team, communication, and conflict management up to planning the development of the employees and the organization (upskilling, reskilling), including the leaders themselves.

Order DISC D3 assessments if you want to:

Hire the best candidate for the specific position at first attempt

Increase the effectiveness of your team, including sales and customer service

Keep the best employees

Quickly and effectively implement changes in the company

Resolve a conflict in a team

Develop leadership skills etc.

You don't know what DISC D3 is?

People differ but their behavior is very predictable, and there is an easy way to diagnose what motivates them to take action and then to implement a type of cooperation strategy which will bring a measurable effect. You can achieve that by implementing the DISC D3 diagnosis into your organization.

360 Indicator – the verification of management skills and leadership attitude

360 Indicator is an anonymous diagnosis of behaviors that provides information on how much a given leader fulfils their role and develops their team and to what extent their self-perception is similar to how they are seen by others. It is a starting point for supporting the leader in improving their leadership attitude and management skills.

Order the 360 Indicator if you want to:

learn what influence a leader has on the persons they work with

verify what skills in your company are the secret behind the leader’s success

determine the direction for the development of the team of leaders in your company

design development activities tailored to a specific leader

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