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The culture and dynamics of the work of a given team is as unique as each employee in the team is unique, thus using the results of the DISC D3 assessment, the aim of the training is:

Knowing and understanding the own leadership style, strengths in being a leader (team/in a given field) and the potential that can be used for the team’s needs and goals of the organization, as well as understanding how my leadership style affects other team’s members (what is an advantage, and what can also be a challenge in the so-called “difficult situations” related to time pressure, team expectations, strategic challenges, etc.).

Learning about different styles of behavior and the experience of how different styles manifest in everyday cooperation (acquiring the ability to recognize behavioral styles through participation in exercises) and what people with individual styles can do to improve their effectiveness – at the level of cooperation, for example, a team of managers, cooperation with teams or clients

Development of the Action Plan (development plan) for each of the Participants in order to develop leadership skills, cooperation + WE MANAGEMENT: what is our Action Plan? How we will communicate with each other, make decisions, what we will contribute to everyday cooperation and how we will talk about our expectation, etc.

  • The diagnostic tool used in the project will be D3 (DISC/TEAMS/VALUES/BAI), so the substantive layer will refer to strengths and challenges in everyday cooperation resulting from the profile of individual Project Participants (what is happening “here and now” – not theory).



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