The design and implementation of the workshops based on the DISC model was a valuable
experience. It helped us learn the values which every one of us brings to the team, and most of all
demonstrated that despite of the fact that everyone is different, might have a different workstyle and
choose to communicate differently, we are able to work as a team and use those differences in our
favor. For that to happen, it is necessary to work out rules for cooperation, which we managed to do during
this training course. The coach running the training course was excellently prepared, professional, open to our needs and capable of guiding the team towards the adopted goals.

Agnieszka Skuza

Sales Director Central Region, KINNARPS POLSKA

My opinion on the entire project is very positive, in particular the on sessions which provided us with feedback about test results and were carried out with each participant of the project, I find the insights and conclusions drawn on the basis of test results to be very on-point and valuable for raising efficiency of teamwork; their use can be particularly advisable e.g. in recruitment processes.

Leszek Konkel

Sales Director in Esri Polska, ESRI POLSKA

After the course, its participants underlined that it was very innovative, mostly because it was directed at a concrete customer profile. By taking part in exercises, the participants had the chance to feel and learn how to conduct a professional conversation with any type of customer anticipated in the DISC model. They appreciated the mode in which the training course was carried out, the stress-free atmosphere which allowed them to adopt an open attitude and work on their internal assets, they also welcomed the lack of artificially created role-playing scenes. They emphasised that they will be able to put this training into use during their fieldwork. I am obliged to EFFECTIVENESS for their engagement at every stage of the project implementation.

Sybilla Berwid - Wójtowicz

Purina Coach and Communication Coordinator, NESTLE POLSKA

As the Executive Director, after the training courses took place I observed significantly better sales results and increased work efficiency among sales representatives and consultants. I have no doubts about recommending training services offered by EFFECTIVENESS Sp. z o.o. to all other companies which consider DISC training as an integral part of enhancing effectiveness on the market.


Bolesław Gidziński

Executive Director, TRIM TAB