Research suggests that the most effective sellers are people who really understand human behaviour and are able not only to predict the customer’s behaviour, but also to adapt their own behaviour to his behaviour. Effective sellers are aware of their own strengths and limitations and quickly recognise strengths, limitations, needs and preferences of the customers. Information is want counts most in sales! Everyone who works in sales or customer service, does it in his or her way. Getting to know your own sales style, your strengths and potential is the key to achieving the best results.

  • Some people feel at ease when communicating through facts, figures, hard arguments – they help the customers see the rational benefit of the offered product or service.
  • For others, relations is what counts most, and they are the people who have the talent to put the customer at ease, the customer simply feels well in their company.
  • There are also people, whose strength is their open way of communicating – they are the ones who will swiftly manage the customers’ objections.
  • Then there are people who will not stop until they reach what they have planned.

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Our Sales & Customer Service Style  competence test and report will provide you information about:

  • the style in which you cooperate with the customer
  • your strength in communication and the areas which still require work
  • what motivates you to work
  • proven techniques/methods (in line with your sales/customer service style) which will improve your results
Step 1 – DISC Personality Assessment

Get to know your sales/customer service style

Step 2 – Customer Profiles

Learn to recognise your customers’ style of behaviour, that is, understand the needs and motivations of the customer

Step 3 – Action Plan

Obtain results by responding to the customer’s needs, putting your strengths to good use, in a way which is in line with your own behavioural style





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