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“Where there is understanding, there is power” (Dr. Sanford Kulkin, PeopleKeys) and this understanding is required by a team in order to carry out a common goal; but understanding is not a blind acceptance to what someone asks for or expects. Understanding is believing in another man, who usually is different than me. And although it may seem obvious, it is the fact of how different we all are that generates challenges in partnership. How then differences in a team can be translated into its strength?

– The power of differences in a team is a better understanding of culture and dynamics of work of a given team, its resources (talents) and potential limits, what connects and divides the team and what meaning it may have for the quality of team’s work not only in comfortable conditions, but also in crisis.

Thanks to the DISC D3 diagnosis we learn the behaviour style, values, and motivations of specific people: their strengths and those aspects of behaviour, which might generate difficult situations.

– Training participants will learn various behaviour styles and experience how they reveal themselves in daily partnership, how they can influence people similar to themselves and even more how to influence people different than themselves.

– A team led by a trainer jointly determines the direction it wants to go and from which behaviour areas it will especially take values, as well as which behaviours it will avoid abusing in order to improve the quality of work oriented on execution of company, team, and individual goals. This determination elaborates a partnership rules contract and plan of specific actions, which every team member will undertake to improve the quality of co-operation and under responsibility for common goal.