Did you ever wonder:

  • who in your team is a shift manager and how easily s-/he finds her-/himself in new conditions and circumstances?
  • on what depends the fact that certain people quickly provide solutions while other focus on problem analysis?
  • what is the reason behind certain group of people making decisions according to a set action strategy and another group of people always acting on their own?
  • why certain employees motivate themselves, but others require daily support?
  • why you understand certain people without words while co-operation with other is a challenge?

The answer is a specific behaviour pattern. Understanding this pattern is a strong tool that supports manager’s daily life: accurate decisions, action strategy, and communication.

People are different, but predictably different.We can easily diagnose behaviour of employees, including in stress, as well as their attitude towards change, talents, and motivations, and use this diagnosis as basis for developing a Team Map. Such information about team are necessary in order to meet following requirements while taking into account goal and challenges a company faces:

  • envision the employee effectiveness and decision they will make – in both comfortable conditions and during a crisis situation
  • possess knowledge about who will be the quickest employee to find her-/himself towards expectations of organisation and leader and what support other people will require
  • understand what competences are dominant in a team and constitute as its resource, as well as what competences are needed by the team in order to reinforce a market position
  • take a strategic approach to distribution of tasks while knowing who will be best suited for a given role
  • understand what connects and divides the team and what will generate challenges in co-operation

The Team Map is a tool thanks to which you will act on the basis of facts and not assumptions about given person. At strategic moments, especially when time and money count, the Team Map will help you forecast behaviour of employees and distribute human resources according to actual needs.

The Team Map methodology is based on conclusions from the DISC D3 Statistical Analysis validation study conducted on an international group of 9,765 people, 25% of whom is constituted by Polish group.

Preparing The Team Map:

  • We use the DISC D3 diagnostic tool to prepare a Team Map (team members perform an on-line competence study)

This is an example of a Team Map:

Team Map and what is next?

Strategic session

Discussing Team Map and key for analysis and conclusions with a manager and recommendation of actions/action strategy in a given context.

On-line meeting, duration: 4 hours or 2 x 2 hours

Implementation session

Supporting manager in implementation of conclusion from a Team Map in the context of challenge that s-/he faces – consultation of planned action strategy vs Team Map. Number of sessions will be determined with the Customer depending on conclusions for sessions and goals, which the manager wants to achieve.

On-line meeting, duration: 2 hours

Feel free to contact us ( if you want to know how to use the Team Map in your team.