The S Personality style    –  Steady

General description: Supportive, loyal team member, trusting, good listener, sensitive, patient, quiet but smart, resists sudden change, needs to understand the situation

Greatest fear:  Losing their safety and security

Motivated by: Maintaining the status quo and little change, safety and security

Value for the team:

  • Reliable and dependable; excellent team member
  • Compliant towards authority
  • Good listener, patient and empathetic.
  • Good at reconciling conflicts
  • Instinctive relater
  • Participative manager who carries out objectives through personal relations
  • Makes others feel they are part of the team
  • Patient with “difficult” people
  • Can find easy ways to do things
  • Has a good intuition about people and relations
  • Identifies with the team’s objectives
  • Strongly identified with the team
  • Aims at creating relations
  • Diplomatic, seeking to reach agreement and peace
When Communicating with a S-Style Personality:

  • Express a genuine interest in them as a person
  • Provide them with clarification for tasks and answers to “how” questions.
  • Be patient
  • Present ideas or departures from current practices in a non-threatening manner; give them time to adjust.
  • Define the objectives, procedures and their role in a comprehensible manner
  • Ensure them that will receive support in achieving the objectives
  • Don’t be pushy, overly aggressive, or demanding
  • Don’t be too confrontational
Personal Growth Areas for S’:

  • Try to be more open to change, more flexible
  • Don’t be afraid of a direct confrontation
  • Work faster in order to achieve your goals
  • Delegate tasks to others whenever possible
  • Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts, opinions and feelings
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