The C Personality Style  –  Compliant

General description: Perfectionist, realistic, sensitive, organised, communicates through facts, asks a lot of questions etc.

Greatest fear: Being criticized, no recognition

Motivated by: Being focused on details and quality, precision

Value for the team:

  • An excellent organiser
  • Creates and observes procedures
  • Can evaluate the progress of the team’s work
  • Asks important questions
  • Goal-oriented
  • Suggests effective solutions
  • Quality-oriented, detailed-oriented
  • Risk-analyser, logical thinker
  • Has an analytical mind
  • Thinks in a systematic way
  • Tries to reach an agreement
  • Is a diplomat and rational thinker
When Communicating with a C-Style Personality:

  • Present all “pros and cons” for your ideas
  • Ensure them that there won’t be any “surprises”
  • Be factual, precise – communicate as many details and facts as possible
  • If you do not agree with something, say it by referring to specific events and facts, and not to the person
  • Be patient and diplomatic
  • Give precise answers to questions
  • Reassure them that change has been thought out and will have ample time
  • Do not appeal to emotions
Personal Growth Areas for C’:

  • Focus on doing the right things rather than just doing things the right way
  • Be less critical of other people’s ideas and methods
  • Respond faster to achieve the team’s objectives
  • Try to build relationships with other team members
  • Be more assertive and don’t be afraid to take a risk
  • Focus less on facts and more on people
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