What does the VALUES assessment measure?

The assessment measures one’s internal motivators. These factors impact our decision-making. The four values are:


  1. Loyalty – Someone with high loyalty will remain loyal to a person or a system. They will stick with something no matter what and this guides their decision-making.
  2. Personal Freedom – Someone with high personal freedom cares about his or her own levels of independence and freedom. They like to do things on their terms or with their own set of rules and be able to express themselves.
  3. Equality – Someone with high equality expects that everyone will be treated the same, with the same set of rules and benefits at all times.
  4. Justice – Someone with high justice is willing to compromise in the moment and use different sets of rules for different people as long as the end-result is accomplished.

Recommended uses: recruitment, team building, sales, leadership

Duration: approx. 10 min.




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