TEAMS Assessment

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The report describes styles of thinking in the team. The preferred roles in the team are, i.a. creator, strategist, executor, analyst, manager).


TEAMS Assessment

The report describes the various roles which employees can naturally play in the team, their main strengths and potential limitations. It describes the employee’s individual behavioural profile and identifies his or her styles of thinking. Allows you to identify the strengths and limitations of teamwork. It streamlines the style and quality of communication between team members and fosters trust. Perfect for the process of building stronger and more effective teams. Identify your employees’ primary and secondary styles: theorist, executor, analyst, manager, strategist; and increase efficiency of work.


Available language versions: Polish, English and other – ask us

What does the TEAMS assessment measure?

It measures 5 team roles and indicate those which we prefer to play in the team. By subjecting all team members to the assessment, we have a clear picture of which roles dominate in the team and which ones are missing for the team to achieve even better results. The five TEAM styles are:

  1. Theorist–  comes up with new ideas, creates creative, out-of-the-box solutions. The Theorist asks:  “What are we doing, and where are we going?”
  2. Executor – a doer and an accomplisher, works according to a plan, implements solutions. The Executor asks: ”What do I need to do towards completing this task?”
  3. Analyst –  is accurate, controls quality, thinks about improving the process, weighs the risk against the potential results. The Analyst asks: “Are we doing the right thing?”
  4. Manager  – creates teams,  sets its goal, oversees the implementation of the task. The Manager asks: “Who is doing what? What overall milestones have we accomplished? Are we on track?”
  5. Strategist gives idea and creates feasible solutions which take into account market needs. The Strategist asks: “How will we accomplish that? What are all the steps and pieces?”

The benefits of using the TEAM Thinking Style Report:

  • It provides detailed information on the style of behaviour, motivators and style of working in a team
  • Reveals the employee’s desired team roles
  • Reveals the motivational characteristics – what motivates the employee to achieving better results


Recommended uses: recruitment, team building, sales, leadership

Duration: approx. 10 min.

Short feedback session (20 min) included.


One-click assessment portal

– online access to the assessment

Within 24 hours after the purchase you will receive an email with instructions and a link to complete the assessment online. The person completing the assessment can save the final report in the form of a PDF file.

If you wish to purchase a greater number of assessments, contact us to discuss the details.

The assessment will be carried out via the PeopleKeys website and taking the assessment is associated with the entering of personal data into the PeopleKeys system; the rules of handling data within that system are regulated by the PeopleKeys privacy policy which can be found here.


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