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A three-dimensional, powerful and comprehensive assessment tool which combines three analyses.



A three-dimensional, powerful and comprehensive assessment tool which combines three analyses:

  • DISC Personality Style Assessment  (i.a. the communication style, level of decisiveness, level of analytical thinking, independence, reaction to change, resistance to stress, work organisation, value for the team, the areas for development)
  • TEAMS Thinking Styles Assessment  (styles of thinking about team work.  Preferred roles in the team, i.a. strategist, executor, analyst, manager)
  • Workplace Values ​​Style Assessment  (values ​​in the workplace, such as loyalty, justice, independence)
  • Behavioral Attitude Index BAI (measures six attitudes or passions toward our work).


Available language version: Polish, English and other – ask us

Benefits of using the D3 (DISC/ TEAMS/ VALUES):

  • It provides detailed information on the style of behaviour, motivators and style of working in a team
  • It provides information about the strengths and limitations of the employee: behaviour in everyday situations and natural response to stress, ability to make decisions, initiative / pro-activity in a situation of change, organisational skills – task management and time management, ability to develop relation with customers and relationships and within the team
  • It reveals the employee’s desired team roles
  • It reveals the motivational characteristics – what motivates the employee to achieving better results
  • It reveals hidden motivators valued by the employee in the workplace
  • It recommends an action plan to improve interpersonal skills
  • In conjunction with the benchmark, provides an objective evaluation of the employee’s competences

Recommended uses: recruitment, team building, leadership

Duration: approx. 10 min.

One-click assessment portal

– online access to the assessment

Within 24 hours after the purchase you will receive an email with instructions and a link to complete the assessment online. The person completing the assessment can save the final report in the form of a PDF file.

If you wish to purchase a greater number of assessments, contact us to discuss the details.

The assessment will be carried out via the PeopleKeys website and taking the assessment is associated with the entering of personal data into the PeopleKeys system; the rules of handling data within that system are regulated by the PeopleKeys privacy policy which can be found here.


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