When you are certified in behavioral analysis, clients will seek your services in areas, such as:

  • Hiring the right person for their professional & team needs
  • Developing strong leadership and management staff
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency in teams and individuals
  • Sharpening communication skills
  • Implementing team building exercises
  • Increasing understanding, productivity & efficiency amongst working groups
  • Recognizing problematic patterns of behavior
  • Improving behavioral intelligence
  • Managing stress & resolving conflict
  • Teaching motivational techniques
  • Training in areas such as sales & customer service
  • Gaining greater self awareness & improving personal & professional relationships
  • Introducing professional environments to DISC culture and its benefits

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Who do we address the DISC/TEAMS/VALUES/BAI certification to?

Trainers, coaches, managers, HR staff, and everyone who wishes to professionally advise organizations in terms of recruitment, employee development and building effective teams, who wish to acquire skills allowing to customize solutions to meet the needs of a given company, or of a particular industry.

DISC/TEAMS/VALUES certification consists in effective and proven diagnostic tools, exercises, strategies to be used in business areas such as: communication, sales, leadership, team building, conflict resolution, etc.

The course covers a comprehensive introduction to DISC, TEAMS, VALUES and BAI theory, styles & style blends, interactions between styles, graph analysis & special patterns, and their application – series of case studies and practical examples.


The atmosphere during the training course was very relaxed. The moderator was very professional and we were provided with a lot of information. The message was clear and motivated us to act, both during classes and afterwards.

Łucja Szymczuch - NOEZA Consulting – Training

Persuasive, orderly presentation of the concepts and tools. Clear and comprehensible explanation of the procedure of performing tests and interpreting results. Worth every penny.

Marek Masalski - Managing Director in Grupa Konsultacyjna (Consultative Group)

An interesting tool, useful for both working with individual clients and strengthening the potential of entire teams.

Stella Brala - Training Project Manager, Pracownia Doskonalenia Kompetencji (Competence Improvement Laboratory)

A tool perfect for developing employee competences. Thanks to the DISC training I will be able to introduce innovation to the company’s development. Most importantly, thanks to D3 certification I learned about my strengths and areas for development, in three different areas

Adrianna Olechno - Business Coach, Business Trainer




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