What does the TEAMS assessment measure?

It measures 5 team roles and indicate those which we prefer to play in the team. By subjecting all team members to the assessment, we have a clear picture of which roles dominate in the team and which ones are missing for the team to achieve even better results. The five TEAM styles are:


  1. Theorist –  comes up with new ideas, creates creative, out-of-the-box solutions. The Theorist asks:  “What are we doing, and where are we going?”
  2. Executor –  a doer and an accomplisher, works according to a plan, implements solutions. The Executor asks: ”What do I need to do towards completing this task?”
  3. Analyst – is accurate, controls quality, thinks about improving the process, weighs the risk against the potential results. The Analyst asks: “Are we doing the right thing?”
  4. Manager  – creates teams,  sets its goal, oversees the implementation of the task. The Manager asks: “Who is doing what? What overall milestones have we accomplished? Are we on track?”
  5. Strategist – gives idea and creates feasible solutions which take into account market needs. The Strategist asks: “How will we accomplish that? What are all the steps and pieces?”

Recommended uses: recruitment, team building, sales, leadership

Duration: approx. 10 min.




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